is a marketplace in the field of logistics. is not a freight forwarder. Our role is to connect a freight forwarder with an importer / exporter. takes no commission between the affairs of both parties. strives to provide quality service to meet the demands of shippers and forwarders. The prices of freight shown are those provided by the shipping agents using their customer account. The prices shown are port to port prices, basic prices, not including any costs at departure and arrival. The proposed freight rates are estimates, the user should contact the freight forwarder for more information, in order to obtain exact prices. verifies on a daily basis whether the prices quoted correspond to the market price and that no fraudulent price attempt is considered by a freight forwarder, in particular allowing it to be at the top of the list in the search engine. can then remove this offer without warning and without the freight forwarder agreement. However, if one or more fraudulent prices have not been detected by, the user is free to denounce this practice to customer service without being able to ask the freight forwarder and for any damages, interest, compensation. is not responsible for any disputes between the shippers and the freight forwarders. However, the shipper may warn if he believes that a freight forwarder is engaging in unlawful conditions. Again without asking any damages, interest, compensation to

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